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QPI is synonymous with building solid state, tamper proof, military grade displays. Waterproof, touchscreen and competitively priced, QPI's ruggedized displays come in many different configurations and sizes for military and commercial vessels.

QPI specializes in solving customer challenges. We manufacture, high quality, niche products to militaries around the globe. A value-added reseller, QPI also creates hardware and software solutions, packaged in ruggedized, military quality designs.

From military grade digital wind systems to our Nav-IS and commercial grade systems, QPI is forerunner in solving client needs with solution-driven, reliable products and software, tailored to any current system on military or commercial craft. Complete weather systems, priced affordably. QPI is the OEM for the U.S. Navy's Moriah Wind System.

Our speed logs are complete, multi product systems. From input to processing, to control and display units, QPI provides world class consulting, installation and tech support on our Nav-IS system. Sensors, processing unit and a multitude of accurate and intuitive displays make our Nav-IS system one of the most popular speed logs.

QPI are experts in visual landing aids and lighting solutions for any class or vessel. Approach lighting for carrier and non-carrier ships as well as flight deck, catwalk and beacon lighting for military and commercial ships. View QPI's extensive line here.

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QPI has been signed to be the U.S. Rep. for DSPNOR Radar Processing. DSPNOR is an independent employee owned company located in Bergen, Norway. Our area of expertise is radar signal processing and distribution. 



QPI was founded in September 1990 and its corporate office is in Fredericksburg, VA. QPI's primary business is to market, sell, and distribute unique products, which are manufactured by quality international companies, to Government and Commercial Customers throughout the USA. In addition QPI provides all of the life cycle support services needed to maintain high reliability and maintainability. Post-award services include program management, engineering and technical support, installation and checkout support on site, factory training, spare parts 

logistics support, technical documentation, and depot-level maintenance repair. 


We specialize in Government procurement, especially sales to Military Services and the major Defense Contractors. The primary mission of our company is to increase our clients' business in the near term with sales that exceed corporate expectations. We have a proven track record of significant sales growth for our clients' products even in the current reduced Defense budget environment. We strive to identify new business opportunities in the shortest amount of time by thoroughly accomplishing market research and matching our  clients' products to Customer decision makers. Once a match is made, we follow up with product demonstrations to enhance the probability of Customer evaluations and sales.



Technical Services

QPI boasts world-class technical support when it comes to servicing what we sell or installation services. QPI's staff will offer knowledgeable

support and service if the need ever arrises.

Product Support

In a word, QPI are experts in our field. We offer product support, demonstration, phone or email support, in-person training, repair, or replacement services for any and all of our products we sell. 






For any inquiries, questions or sales information, please call: 540-548-4050 or fill out the following form and we'll get right back to you. 

If you are interested in employment opportunities please visit this link.


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